1-22-23 Bulletin

Prayer List
Susan Ward, Josie Carr, Will Tennison, Curtis Robertson, Billy Irwin, Garrett Hill, Sophie Grubbs, Sydney Phillips, Howard Crump, Billy Graham, David and Cathy Fleming, Jerry Goodner, Bryson Welford

The Prayer focus for January is Guidance
Our Scripture texts are Psalm 119:105; John 8:12; John 16:13

Newcomers and Visitors
Thank you for worshiping with us today! If you want more information about our church, please call the church office at 662-869-2956

Bus Driver for January
Joe Senter is the Bus Driver & may be reached at 662-255-5935

Opportunities for This Week and Beyond
•11:15 am – Fact Finding Committee presentation for the members of the church.
•  4:00 pm – Fact Finding Committee presentation for the members of the church.
•  4:00 pm – Music practice for “The Day He Wore My Crown” in the choir room

Wednesday, January 25
•5:00-6:15 pm – Spaghetti Dinner Youth Fundraiser for Summer Camp in Family Life Center.   One does not have to register to attend, but it would be helpful.  One may register at this link
• 6:30 pm – Church-wide meeting with a final presentation from Fact
Finding Committee and straw vote regarding disaffiliation from the UMC.
•  7:30 pm – Administrative Board Meeting

Wednesday, February 1
•6:30 pm – A four week study entitled DOCTRINE, taught by Bro. John will begin.  
Topics of discussion will include: What are the theological issues the church has held firm on over the centuries? What were the heresies that galvanized essential doctrine and the statements of faith that followed?
Deity of Jesus, Original Sin, Canon of Scripture, Church, Trinity, Resurrection, Incarnation, New Creation, Eschatology




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